Redmine 2.5 installation guide on Debian Wheezy with MariaDB

RedmineRedmine express installation guide & configuration for Debian Wheezy 7 with Apache/2.2.x, 10.0.x-MariaDB, PHP 5.4.4 (DSO) backend without loaded SCM.

Here is original guide which I’ve modiffied to my idea: (Thanks Martin).

This is just for my personal purposes. I’m not responsible for any harm on your server as this guide is public.

Article assumes you have fully loaded (installed and configured) Apache2.2, MariaDB and PHP 5.4 with needed loaded modules for apache like ssl, rewrite and also ports.conf configured and at least 1 virtualhost to prevent some errors.


Here you can show apache config file Рremember to rename extension .txt to .conf as Apache2 need it and also configure it for your specific server environment.

Few useful RVM commands:

Information about Repository SCM for redmine: I have loaded perl redmine module for SVN apache listing for future, but actually I don’t have configured directory in apache redmine.contoso.conf as it’s needed (just loaded perl module as it’s unnecessary). If you wish fully working SCM for repos, look here for configurated apache redmine site to svn:

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