Exchange Error – MSExchangeFrontEndTransport ID 12014

CMD-winSolution for Windows Server Event ID 12014 – MSExchangeFrontEndTransport Microsoft Exchange could not find a certificate that contains the domain name.

This error message usually appears when sysadmin change certificates for services like IIS or MS Exchange. Problem is with incorrect SSL certificate installation where old SSL certificate data still persists inside ReceiveConnector, in this case are wrong informations about the certificate issuer inside cert because were updated in time.

Full error message:


(you should be really careful if this problem is also yours with same situation or similar. I’m not responsible for any damage you made)

We need to list all Receive connectors in EMS:

Note – use your generated Identity values of ReceiveConnector:

I’ve identified my Default Frontend receive connector as EXCHANGE1Default Frontend EXCHANGE1 (you can also identify this connector in error message).

Now we need to get more informations about active certificate of identified receive connector:

In this case as I’ve told are wrong informations about the certificate issuer inside cert. I’ve installed new certificate and old removed, but certification authority changed issuer informations about self and we didn’t know about this event.

New installed certificate and informations of Issuer:

Issuers-dataTo correct this problem we need to fix these values:

Note – use your own values in your new installed certificate

To check if we were successful:

Now you should see no more Event ID 12014 errors and MS Exchange should work without problems.

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