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Convert Windows OS Drive from MBR to GPT because of switch from BIOS to UEFI

Since Windows 10 (1703 build 15063 – Creator’s Update) Microsoft natively supports conversion from MBR to GPT via MBR2GPT.exe tool. If you want to proceed with conversion of OS disk and switch Bootable mode from BIOS to UEFI then follow these steps:

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Download FederationMetadata.xml via PowerShell and bypass SSL certificate check

This script will download FederationMetadata.xml file on the ADFS server and bypass SSL certificate check.

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OScam installation on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Stretch, Debian or Ubuntu)

This is updated version how to install OScam on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Stretch, Debian or Ubuntu).

(Here is older tutorial: OScam installation on (L)Ubuntu 16.04)

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How to install OpenATV and OScam for satellite receiver and connect to the remote OScam server and secure it together with OpenWebif

This tutorial will be about installation of latest version OpenATV (during writing of this article version 6.2) for Enigma2 compatible Linux Satellite receivers and installation of OScam (CAM software). Later OScam will be configured to connect to external OScam server and secured by password together with OpenWebIf.

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Mysql/Maria DB – Too many open files

Solution how to fix following error generated in /var/log/syslog by mysqld service on Ubuntu 16.04 with MariaDB 10.0.x:

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Powershell – Search in all DHCP scopes where is located MAC Address

Script which will scan all DHCP scopes and report in which is MAC address located (if any).

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