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Determine installed Windows OS Language pack edition

In case you need to determine what language was Windows OS/Server installed run following script in powershell:

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How to modify LAN Proxy Exception List via Powershell

Example of the Powershell script which can modify IE LAN Proxy Exception List to keep current settings (for example pulled by GPO) and extend with custom exception list. Read more »

How to download last camera record via PowerShell from UniFi NVR API with SSL

This guide explains how to download latest camera record available on UniFi NVR server via Powershell through the REST API with SSL self-signed certificate.

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Powershell – Search in all DHCP scopes where is located MAC Address

Script which will scan all DHCP scopes and report in which is MAC address located (if any).

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Powershell – Split text to 2 parts

Example how to split text into 2 part with Powershell version 2+.

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Powershell script to backup GPO

This article contains Powershell script which will backup Active Directory Group Policy Objects.

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